Surecom SW33 wattmeter review

For those looking to purchase the surecom SW33 power/SWR meter, I have included my findings of the one I purchased.  It can be found on for around $50 at the time of this writing:

I would say that this would be a waste of money overall. I’m sure most of you would agree. At $50 expectations are low. As you can see from the data, the SW33 is somewhat useful in the 2meter band. Unfortunately the device doesn’t perform well when you get to the top end of its range. UHF is sadly un-accurate. I suppose that if you were just looking to see if your radio was in fact doing something that it would show that. As you can see though, Its power reading is half of actual power at the top end if its range. For Ham use, which i would think is the major market for this device, the SW33 doesn’t perform well. I would like to see it cover up to 440Mhz with better results. It tends to perform better just below the 70cm band.

The VSWR function seems to perform better. If I get a chance to compare this to a vector network analyzer I will post that data as well but I suspect that the SW33 will be a better tool as a VSWR meter.

SW33 data