Duplexer tuning 3920B

Materials you will need:

  • small 50 ohm dummy load
  • Short test cables
  • adapters as needed
  • 3920B service monitor
Start by connecting the TX side.
  1. Connect the GEN port of the Service monitor to the TX side of the Duplexer.
  2. Connect the Antenna port of the duplexer to the ant port of the 3920B.
  3. connect a small 50 ohm load to the RX port on the duplexer.
  4. Press the UTILS button twice
    3920B utils
  5. From the Menu that pops up select STORE/RECALL
  6. Select 06 – Duplexer Alignment
  7. Set the Center Frequency (CF) to the TX frequency of your radioTx
  8. Adjust Ref Level as needed to fit measurement to screenref lvl
  9. You can Turn the Tracking gen on and off here:
  10. You can now adjust your duplexer TX side. Once adjusted you can take a screen shot and save it to USB.
  11. Press the HOLD button3920B hold
  12. Press the Soft Menu button that says save screen not print screen.
    3920B last
  13. Give the file a name and save.
  14. To Save the file to USB, insert USB Drive and press UTILS
  15. Select File Management
  16. Navigate to screen folder and select the file you want to save
  17. From the soft menu select copy.
  18. file is now saved to USB