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I figured I would show some of what I have been up to. I have been playing around a lot with Cisco LMR gateways and VoIP systems lately. The more i use them the more I like them which is in contrast to my experience with the Motorola MCD 5000 remotes and RGU’s. I have found that the more I have to deal with the MCD 5000’s the more I hate the interface. The MCD 5000’s need a lot of tweaking to get the audio to sound ok and the work flow is horrible. Cisco’s call manager express on the other hand is a Phone system. Its a little bit of apples to oranges but if you combine call manager express and cisco’s LMR gateways then you get a great platform to play with. Now if you are thinking about a real radio system then i suggest looking at Cisco instant connect to work with your choice of radio. I have mentioned Instant connect before but its worth mentioning again because FirstNet is picking up steam and things like Cisco Instant connect seem to be the way of the future. Mixed networks of data and LMR. Anyway If you are at all interested in radio SYSTEMS then I would highly suggest getting a voice lab off ebay that includes a couple IP phones, a 2800 series router and a PoE capable switch. Get a VWIC2-2E/M for the 2800 series or if you have a 2900 series router get a VWIC3-2E/M and add your choice of analog FM radio and you are ready to have a good time.

Anyway you can see that I have a collection of things that I have been working on sitting on my desk. The Cisco 7940 Voip phone is old but configuring it has helped me better understand the Motorola Systems that i take care of. I have a 3D printer that I use to make random parts including custom cases for things like the Android E/M interface. I have a Sonim XP6 as my main PoC platform with its built in push to talk button. The Motorola XTS 3000 astro25 ┬átrunked radio is on the left. A yaesu VX-7 so I can get on my local repeaters and a Baofeng UV-5X3 triband is on top of the computer. I also have a NESDR SMART RTL-SDR from NooElec.com that is feeding my SDRsharp program you can see on the monitor. What you don’t see is that off to the right I have a small rolling 19″ relay rack with a Cisco 2811, 2821 running Call manager express, and a 3560 PoE switch. Both routers have E&M cards so I can configure them for LMR gate ways and I currently have an Icom IC-208H connected for testing. The setup has been working great. I plan on advancing and getting into multicasting and using the T1 interface cards for some tone interfacing but haven’t got to that point yet. So far my LMR gateways can only serve one phone at a time.

So those are some of the toys I have been playing with. I plan on doing a write up in the future about setting up a LMR gateway and I have some sample audio of what they sound like. If anyone has questions on Cisco LMR gateways, feel free to send a comment. I am no expert but have some basic knowledge. I also have some plans for adding a VOX circuit to the android E/M interface that would allow it to be connected directly to a radio. It seems that most people that come to this page are looking for a way to connect android to a radio and not to a E/M port. There isn’t much difference. I als ahve a family so this stuff happens at a slow pace.

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